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Choosing the perfect fabric can feel a little overwhelming.  Do you choose a pattern or a plain?  Go big with a bold colour or lean into neutrals?  With almost limitless choices, getting it right can feel daunting.  But don't panic!

Below you'll find a handy guide of things to consider when you begin to look at fabric, and a list of some of the suppliers that I work with, to get you started.

If you're having trouble narrowing down your choices, or need help working out what sort of fabric will best suit your needs. A consultation and curated sample pack service is available to clients who are booked on to my waiting list.



Upholstery is an investment, and thinking about how you live can help you narrow down the choices and ensure that what you choose meets your needs for years to come. So what are some of the questions to ask yourself when selecting a fabric?

  • How frequently will the piece be used? Durability is a key factor in choosing the right fabric. High traffic items like the family sofa or dinning chairs will need tougher fabric than a lightly used statement chair, or headboard.  Think about who will use the piece, and how often?  

  • Children, pets, or a partner prone to spills?  Fabrics with stain resistance, in darker colours, or with a small pattern can help to disguise marks, and keep things looking fresh.

  • What does the room need? After the practicalities, it's time to think about  how you want the piece to look and feel.  What's in the room already?  Lot's of solids and neutrals? Maybe a bold accent colour, or statement pattern?  Is it an anchor piece like a sofa? Perhaps a plain that will age well on which you can build interest with throws and cushions.  Mixing textures like velvet, linen, and leather is a great way to add interest while tying together an existing colour palette or creating a contrasting scheme.  

  • How will the fabric work with the size, shape and age of the chair? Before you fall in love with a fabric, think about how it will be upholstered on to your item. Is your piece big enough to make the most of the pattern? Are there features such as buttoning where details may be lost? Geometrics and stripes may not work as well on a piece with lot's of curves or ornate shapes. Does the fabric suit the age of the piece? Florals on mid century chair would be an unusual choice, but a contemporary fabric on traditional chair can really modernise a piece. 


Click the links below to browse through the many fabrics available, and order samples to be sent directly to your home.

 This is a selection of the suppliers I work with, other recommendations can be made if nothing matches your vision! 

Contemporary Wools


Abraham Moon

London Based Designers

Poodle & Blonde

Tamasyn Gambell

Fanny Shorter

House of Hackney

Luxurious Velvets, Textured Weaves,

Plentiful Patterns & Plains 


Kirkby Design

Designers Guild

Arley House



Andrew Martin

Colefax and Fowler

Yarn Collective

Christopher Farr

Osborne & Little

Budget Friendly 






Outdoor Fabrics 



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