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Welcome! Let’s get to know each other…  


Crafted is myself, Therese, an AMUSF trained upholsterer with experience in both modern and traditional upholstery.

Completing my upholstery training over three years at the School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University. I studied under the expertise of a third generation upholsterer whose excellent teaching laid the foundations for my own practice.

Born from a life long love affair with colour and textiles and the joy and frustration of making things with your own hands, I founded Crafted in 2017 from a teeny, tiny studio tucked into a workshop at the back of a tapas restaurant - sadly though it was less tasty free lunches and more crumbs on the upholstery when my workshop was used for extra bread storage!

Joining Sit Collective in 2018, a female led upholstery workspace in East London, I make up one quarter of the collective. Working alongside a truly wonderful group of peers where we share our knowledge and experience between us.

Invested in the concept of sustainable living, I am passionate about upholstery as an antidote to the culture of disposability in mass produced furniture. I believe that by connecting with the process of refurbishing, investing in what we already have, we can help to break the cycle of a throwaway society. Diverting items away from landfill and creating future heirlooms instead.

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