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We may not always give it much thought but our furniture is at the heart of our homes. Providing comfort, places to sit and share our day with loved ones. Literally supporting us through life's big moments and everyday events, it helps to shape the story of our homes and how we experience it.

At Crafted we want to help you fill your home with furniture that meets not only your practical needs and keeps you sitting comfortably, but helps you express your personality and brings enjoyment!

A small East London based upholstery studio we have expertise in both modern and traditional upholstery.  Passionate about what we do, we offer a personalised approach from beginning to end. Providing guidance on appropriate materials and techniques for your furniture and help with sourcing just the right fabric - we guide you through each step of the process. 

So whether you have a family heirloom to revive, a fab vintage find you just couldn’t walk past, or a dependable family sofa that’s a little tired but still suits your lifestyle, Crafted can help. 

We also undertake commercial jobs, working with a network of upholstery peers on larger projects. If you're a business with something in mind, we've got the flexibility to scale to size. 

Drop us an email with some photos, or fill out our online form, and let’s create something special! 


Crafted Upholstery  I  Sit Collective, 374 Grove Green Road, London E11 4 AP, United Kingdom   I  I +44 0754 2276 073

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